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Package Insert Program


In the US today, there are over a billion catalog mail-order and online merchandise packages delivered each year via UPS, USPS & FedEx of which over 480 million packages are delivered to consumers. This presents an opportunity to become the vehicle to insert your promotion and deliver it to the buyer within 1-7 days of their catalog purchase. IDR can help you target buyers that match the demographics and lifestyles of your existing customer base since we have established relationships with 1000+ cataloguers and merchants.

Your promotion is received by an excited and receptive customer who:

  • Is mail-order/on-line responsive as they just ordered and paid for their merchandise by mail, phone, or online.
  • Is now anxiously awaiting the arrival of their merchandise.
  • Opens the package when it arrives, 100% of the time.
  • Fits your customer demographic and lifestyle profile.

Catalog access ranges from popular titles (eg: Eddie Bauer, PC Connection, The Sharper Image) to specialty catalogers that target specific market niches (eg: Performance Bicycle, Children's Wear Digest, J.C. Whitney Automotive). The merchandise packages are mailed daily from individual, secured fulfillment centers and are distributed nationally.

Program Details:

Universe Monthly access to over 30+ million households nationwide. See the Target Audiences attached.
Source Mail Order, Phone, and Online Buyers — primarily Credit Card Buyers
Insert Specs Standard Specs and weight = 5 1/2" x 8 1/5" at 0.25 oz.; overweight accepted up to 3.0 oz. with up charge.

Key Features & Benefits:

High Readership. The availability to ride-along in a package of merchandise for which the buyer is anxiously awaiting places your offer in a more receptive atmosphere & likelihood of getting the attention it deserves.

Most Recent. It's the hottest "recency of purchase" of any hotline buyer name available. Your offer is in front of the buyer in the time it takes the package to arrive, usually within one to seven days. In comparison, that same name will not be available for list rental until 4 - 16 weeks later!

Implied Endorsement and Quality Control. Because your offer is enclosed with the Cataloger's merchandise, it receives a valuable "Implied Endorsement" from the trusted cataloger, whose inventory is meticulously tracked for security.

Parallel your Target Audience. Match your customer profile to a known mail order and/or online buyer, in a receptive mood, whose demographics and lifestyles are conductive to an increased response to your individual offer.

Exclusivity. Your product or service will enjoy "category exclusivity" within its distribution quantity and time frame.

Cable TV Statement Insert Program


Your promotion/offer rides along with the local monthly Cable TV bill statement in a personalized, first-class mailing. This means that your offer gets delivered, opened, and seen ... 100% of the time. The statements are mailed weekly from centralized billing centers to the cable markets that range from small, suburban markets to large, metropolitan areas.

The Cable TV Statement Program offers you monthly access to over 38 million households in 44 states nationwide. DirecTV and The Dish Network's Satellite TV Statements are also available with a monthly circulation of 19 million.

Program Details

Universe Cable: Monthly access to over 38 million households in 44 states
Source Cable TV Household Subscribers, average unit of sale = $48.00
Insert Specs Min = 3" x 5"; Max = 3" x 6"; 0.15 oz. [up to 0.20 weight is acceptable, but quantity avails decrease]
Max inserts 1 outside insert

Key Features & Benefits:

First-Class Mailing. Your offer is mailed First-Class via USPS, so it's delivered & opened, 100% of the time.

High Readership. The Program is limited to one non-cable or non-satellite outside advertising insert per envelope so there's very little outside competition for readership.

Selectivity. The program can be targeted by State, Marketplace, and Average Family Household Income.

Desirable Demographics. These Subscribers tend to be younger, more affluent, better educated, and highly responsive to direct marketing and internet offers as these subscribers account for 76% of America's purchasing power.

Implied Endorsement. Your insert rides-along with the direct bill from the cable or satellite system operator, so your offer appears to be an endorsed product/service from that provider.

Bad Pays Eliminated. A pseudo credit screen — only subscribers who have paid their previous month's bill will receive your offer.

Newspaper Billling Statement Insert Program


Take advantage of major metro newspaper statements by including your advertising insert with their mailing. By targeting this captive audience, you can reach households that subscribe to and read their daily newspaper at home. Billing statements are mailed to the individual newspaper's subscriber base on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis.

Newspapers include 60+ major metro papers, including The Arizona Republic, Boston Globe, San Diego Tribune, Kansas City Star, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Sun-Times, Houston Chronicle and more.

Program Details:

Universe Monthly access to 10+ million households nationwide
Source Paid Newspaper subscribers, home delivered
Insert Specs standard Max = 3" x 6", 0.20 oz. weight
Max inserts 2

Key Features & Benefits:

  • First-Class mail. It gets delivered, opened, and read in a timely manner.
  • Implied Endorsement. Acceptance of your insert by the Mailer creates an "Implied" endorsement to their customer base. It creates a more favorable atmosphere for your offer.
  • High Visibility. Only 1 - 2 non-competing inserts are permitted so there's little competition for attention & readership of your offer.
  • Market (DMA) Selectivity. Primary distribution encompasses an individual metro and surrounding suburban areas.

Visa / Mastercard Statement Insert Programs


Inserts accompany billing statements are mailed each month to Visa/Mastercard Cardholders. Each mailing is guaranteed 100% deliverable via first-class mail.

Your offer reaches active Cardholders who are 100% credit approved for additional purchases. Your offer is delivered on time, in an envelope that must be opened and reviewed.

Reservation for insertion space requires a minimum of 2 months (includes 4 weeks for approval of offers). Inserts for certain financial service and travel service offers will not be accepted.

Program Details:

Universe Monthly access to over 100+ million consumers nationwide, via Bank & Retail Visa/MC statements
Source Credit Card Holders
Insert Specs Min = 3" x 5"; Max = 3" x 6", 0.15 oz.
Max inserts 2, no time dated pieces

Key Features & Benefits:

  • First-Class mail. It gets delivered, opened, and read in a timely manner.
  • Credit Card Buyers. Back-end conversion rates and customer retention percentages are enhanced by the nature of being a credit card buyer.
  • Implied Endorsement. Acceptance of your insert by the Mailer creates an "Implied" endorsement to their customer base. It creates a more favorable atmosphere for your offer.
  • High Visibility. Only 1 - 2 non-competing inserts are permitted so there's little competition for attention & readership of your offer.
  • Large Volume. Large, credit worthy universes available providing major rollout potential.

Co-Op Mailings


From a small beginning in the late 60s, consumer co-op mailings have become a viable distribution channel for targeting over 3,600 neighborhood trading areas throughout the United States and Canada.

Mailed third-class on a monthly or quarterly basis, typical formats consist of a #10 or a 6" x 9" envelope filled with 15-30 non-competitive coupons in two or four color. Advertisers consist of local Contractors, Retailers, Financial, Professional & Business Services, and 4-8 preprinted inserts from National Mailers (the national co-ops are primarily national advertisers).

Readership surveys show that over 90% of the envelopes are opened. In addition, more than 80% of the advertisers repeat their offers.

Key Features & Benefits:

National Broad Coverage. Currently, you can target up to 60+ million households within the 49 states.

Selectivity. Most of the National programs offer market selections, plus demographics including Age, Household Income, Home Ownership, etc. so you can overlay your customer profile to maximize response. Various National Co-Ops are skewed to particular LifeStyle/Demographic groups (i.e.: New Homeowners, Young Families, Mature Adults, etc.)

High Visibility. A cost-effective, one-step sale or lead generation media because of its local flavor, high visibility, and readership - your offer rides along with money saving coupons and special offers for the entire household.

Newspaper FSIs


Free Standing Inserts (FSI's) are 2- and 4-color pre-printed inserts distributed in the dailies, weeklies, and Sunday newspapers. Weekly distribution is nearly 53 million and selectable by geography.

Target by desired marketplace:

  • Top U.S. Markets
  • Major Metros
  • Suburban marketplaces
  • C & D Counties, etc.

FSI's were originallythe privy of the major consumer brand cents-off couponers. Now, national direct response marketers with mass appeal offers are finding FSIs a viable alternative (to traditional media) for low cost, new customer acquisition and lead generation.

Key Features & Benefits:

This media has the ability to fit promotional objectives locally, regionally or nationally through its massive circulations, geo targeting, and market penetration -- weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

Card Decks


A Card Deck is a cooperative mailing targeted to:

  • Business
  • Consumer
  • Education
  • Farm
  • Healthcare Marketplaces

Decks have traditionally been thought of as a Lead Generating Media or as a Sales Platform for a single product or service in the $10 - $50 range.

A typical card deck consists of 30 or more 3" x 5" and several jumbo Business Reply Cards, printed in one to four colors, plus 1 - 4 preprinted inserts. Deck formats are Standard size (3 " x 5 ") or Jumbo (5 " x 7"). The finished product is mailed third-class within a poly or foil wrap. With a clear poly wrap, the outside panel opposite the address label presents a "Window of Opportunity" for a preprinted insert.

Each deck issupported by one or more mailing lists comprised of either (a) paid subscribers (b) mail order merchandise buyers (c) professional & trade journal recipients or (d) special compilations. Most are published quarterly with an average circulation of 100,000.

Key Features & Benefits:

Similar Demographics/Lifestyle. Each deck is like a targeted rifle shot to a specific audience - you can closely match your customer profile for maximum response.

Positioning. In the "Window" position, the preprinted insert commands attention and dominates the deck . . . with a response tail out to 8 - 10+ weeks.

Cost Effective Testing. Pre-printed inserts can offer up to a 4-way split test, interstacked A/B/C/D, as they come off-press. This vehicle provides a very cost effective approach for split testing of offers, prices, creative, etc.

Varied Audiences. Currently there are over 850 card decks covering 144 categories in Business, Healthcare, Consumer and Farm Markets with a combined annual circulation of over 200 million.

Magazine Bind-Ins / Catalog Blow-Ins


Cataloguers have the capability to "blow-in" outside advertisers' insert promotions by virtue of being mailed third-class. Their insert specifications vary, but primarily max at 5" x 8" with a minimum of 3" x 5".

Magazine Bind-In [Tip-in] formats range from a single Business Reply Card with a support display page to multi-page pre-printed inserts. Virtually every magazine on today's shelf accepts the bind-in form of advertising (with many magazines growing to accept the Tip-in format as well ... a Tip-in format is a "smaller than page size" pre-preprinted insert spot-glued into the magazine). The paper stock is typically a heavier stock than the magazine. As a direct result, the magazine, when held in the palm of your hand, will tend to open to your offer.

Cataloguers as well, in an attempt to develop new on-going income streams that will help offset the constantly rising costs of postage, printing and mailing lists, have become more receptive to accepting 'outside bind-in inserts' into their house file mailings. The primary Catalog Bind-in formats are a catalog size page plus a binding flap or a standard BRC, which is printed on two sides on heavy stock paper ). Again, the catalog, when held in the palm of your hand, will tend to open to your offer.

Circulation is available in both the Consumer and Business-to-Business Market Categories.

Key Features & Benefits:

Match Target Market. Can select magazines or catalogs whose demographics and/or lifestyles most closely match your customer profile for increased response to your offer.

Highly Visible. A Bind-In page presents a relatively large and highly visible sales and response platform. It attracts attention and readership by virtue of its presentation. Only one to two "outside" advertisers per catalog is accepted - it commands attention and readership.

Implied Endorsement. Your offer receives an "implied" endorsement by the magazine/cataloguer to its subscriber/customer base - it's being received with a favorable attitude.

Proven Mail Order Buyers. Distributed only in catalogs that are being mailed to the cataloguer's House File. These are unique names of proven mail order buyers who are credit worthy.