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67 Percent of Consumers who are Moving Indicate That They Make the Majority of Their Major Purchase Decisions for Their New Home Before Moving in

International Direct Response Creates Vehicle to Reach the Pre-Mover Market — a Market of 18 Million+ Households per Year

October 23, 2007 — Berwyn, PA - International Direct Response, Inc. (IDR) has cracked the code for reaching individuals and families before they move, an audience previously hard, if not impossible for marketers to reach. Through an agreement with Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and ERA, IDR has created "The Official Mover Savings Guide," which is distributed to 2 million households of pre-movers each year.

"In the past, it was only possible to reach consumers after they moved into their new house, which has proved to be too late for many brands, as the majority of the new homeowner's key purchasing decisions have already been made at that point," says Doug Guyer, president, IDR. "By working with three of the top brands in the real estate industry, we have created a way to tap into these consumers at a time when they're preparing their current house to maximize its resell value and curb appeal, and at the same time thinking about making major purchase decisions for their new home. It becomes a double-win for the participating brands."

According to Acxiom Data, reaching pre-movers is as much as 10 to 20 times more effective than reaching new movers (after they move in). Households who are moving spend more money on major purchases during the three months "surrounding" their move than non-movers will spend in five years.

"By waiting to mail an offer to these consumers at their new address, brands will miss the opportunity to influence the new homeowners' various decisions on their pre and post-move purchases" says Guyer. "Pre-move is an essential time for brands to initiate new consumer relationships."

"The Official Mover Savings Guide™" promotes brands like Lowe's, Bosch Appliances, Circuit City HDTV's, Sherwin Williams and Porcelanosa Hardwood Flooring among others, to these consumers with "pre-move" offers. Each brand enjoys category exclusivity.

With over 260,000 real estate brokers and agents associated with Coldwell Banker, Century 21 & ERA, representing over 26 percent of all single-family purchases in the US, these realtors know before marketers do which consumers are selling and buying homes.

"The response from the consumers, the realtors and the participating brands has been terrific," says Kathie Tuoni, account director for Circuit City. "It creates a rare triple-win scenario in the marketing and advertising world."

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