About IDR

IDR is a privately-held full service marketing agency located just outside of Philadelphia in Berwyn, PA. Since 1984, we have been helping our partners acquire and retain customers through our variety of programs. As a solution provider, we act as an extension of your sales and marketing team by tailoring appropriate strategies and dashboards.

We specialize in mover marketing, sales center services, database development, subscription programs and brand marketing. We are the leaders in pre-mover partnership marketing, in part, because of our strong ties to the real estate industry. Our management team includes former real estate and medical equipment executives that have built and managed several very successful companies benefiting agents, brokers and the medical community.

In addition, IDR employs a sales and marketing center of talented, articulate professional staff. Database development and sales planning are areas we have assisted our partners become extremely successful.

IDR offers exclusive and specific website, database and CRM development. Our team is responsible for the creation, development and maintenance of several large subscription websites and databases. We provide secure and sufficient databases to house subscriber and reporting data, as well as performing regular data backups on each of the programs we manage. We provide custom-built extendable reporting dashboards using industry-standard programming frameworks and practices. We offer email, billing and reporting services on specific programs for our clients.

Let's work together to solve your toughest problems.